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The Complete Package from Easy Sale Liverpool

Over the years, we’ve found more and more ways to help clients at Easy Sale Liverpool, all aimed at helping them secure a fresh financial start.

Whether you are under financial pressure by your lenders or need help finding another property matching your exact needs, the list of services we offer has grown with customer demand.

We Solve Real Problems

What Can We Do For You ?

Get an upfront cash advance

As some homeowners struggle with immediate expenses, we can offer an upfront and interest free cash advance, once contracts are exchanged. The payment is made through solicitors.

How does Easy Sale Liverpool's Cash Advance work?

Some of our homeowners prefer to use our upfront and interest free cash advance, over their credit cards or savings. It is available once the paperwork is signed and contracts are exchanged. Ask our Home Buying team for more details.

Helping you relocate

The Relocation team at Easy Sale Liverpool is part of the Property Management Department. Because we own and manage a large portfolio of properties across the country, we have well established relationships with a number of estate agents and letting agents, removal and packing companies, storage depots and other agencies. They can help us find you a new property to suit your exact requirements, with short notice if required.

Progressing the sale

Once you have agreed to accept our cash offer, you will be allocated your own case handler from our Progression team. They will be dealing with your case from start to finish and will liaise with both sets of solicitors (yours and ours) to ensure the sale goes through as quickly as possible. They will assist you with the standard legal forms and documents required for property sales and will provide you with regular updates and progress reports. They will also arrange access for us to carry out surveys/inspections at the property. In summary, they are there to help you throughout the process.

Offering you a price for your home

Our Buying Team will be your first port of call when you contact Easy Sale Liverpool. They will take time to understand your situation and specific requirements, as we treat each case individually. They will explain our complete range of services in detail and how we can help you.

Once they have all the information they require, they will pass the file to our underwriting department and after the file has been returned to them (normally the same day) they will be able to make you a formal cash offer for your property. The offer will be issued in writing and you are under no obligation to accept.

Experts in repossession

At Easy Sale Liverpool we have in-house specialists who have years of experience dealing with the courts and mortgage lenders/secured loan companies.

Clearing unsecured debt

We don’t provide financial advice to our clients but we do work closely with a team of debt specialists who can assist you with any unsecured debts you may be struggling with (including credit cards, overdrafts, hire purchase etc). They can negotiate with your lenders/creditors to clear off a large proportion of this debt and take away this additional stress and pressure.

An independent panel of solicitors

We have a panel of specialist solicitors who we will appoint to represent you in the sale of your property. Please note, they are independent from our solicitors and you are their client, we simply pay their fees on your behalf. They will advise you throughout the sale process. Using a firm of solicitors on our panel will help streamline the conveyancing process and prevent unnecessary delays as they will be familiar with our documents and processes and be used to working with our solicitors.

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