About us

At Easy Sale Liverpool, we buy properties directly from homeowners for cash with no intermediaries to interfere with the process at any time. Over the years we’ve helped thousands of people sell their properties and rescued them from potentially devastating circumstances.

Our Team

An experienced, proactive team of property experts

Let us take away the stress of selling your home

At Easy Sale Liverpool, we have the industry expertise and skills that have helped 1000’s sell their home quickly to obtain a fresh start. Our directors and senior managers have extensive experience in house sales, property management and appraisals, the finance industry, debt management and mortgage brokerage.

Home buying team

Your first friendly voice at Easy Sale Liverpool

The hard-working members of our Home Buying team, overseen by Emelio, were carefully selected for their friendly and helpful manner. The team has excellent knowledge of the property market and financial management which is essential for helping to find the right solution for you.

The team are on-hand to answer any questions big or small, complex or straightforward. They understand that selling your home is a big deal and that you will probably have lots of questions!

Underwriting and Research team

Research, valuations and approvals

Andy heads up the Underwriting and Research team. He has been at Easy Sale Liverpool for over 10 years so has boundless insight to share with his team and clients. The Underwriting and Research team conduct extensive research for each enquiry, providing valuations and calculating the offers made to you by the Purchasing team.

Andy has been working in the property industry for almost 20 years  and calls upon his wealth of experience when speaking to local agents and surveyors on your behalf.

Progression team

Coordination and communication

The Progression team keep all property purchases on track with the directive to get all purchases over the line as quickly as possible, or to the agreed timescales. When necessary, they will prevent home repossessions, and use vast experience to liaise effectively with solicitors, lenders and the Courts. Headed up by Elaine, the team play a vital role in coordinating and chasing all communications between our solicitors and yours.

Using our bespoke IT systems to fast track processes for each property purchase, the Progression team will make the sale of your property as stress free as possible.

Relocation and Portfolio team

For renting another property

If you are looking to rent another house, our relocation team headed up by Sheeba, can help you find the right home in your desired area. Using their network of contacts, the team can also help you with removals, refurbishment and storage.

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