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We understand there are many stressful reasons that prompt you to consider selling your home.

Struggling financially

For the majority of people, their most valuable asset is their home, but it can also be their most expensive. With mortgage payments, bills, upkeep and various other costs, property becomes a big drain on your finances. Instead of struggling to keep your head above water, let us buy your property, free up the cash and help you with options after the sale.

Property in poor condition

Maintaining your home can be tough and the cost of skilled tradesmen can mount up if there’s a lot to do to make your property ready for sale. We can sell your property, regardless of its condition. An estate agent will struggle to sell a property on the market with issues such as damp or electrical and plumbing issues.

We can have a survey done at the property to find the problems and you can make plans for the future.

Sale fallen through

You’ve made all the arrangements and probably paid all the fees, then your buyer pulls out. You have to re-plan your onward move, and if you were planning on buying another property, the transaction is now at serious risk.

We can get our solicitors appointed immediately and step in and save the chain, allowing you to keep all your plans in place. We will never pull out of a deal, no matter what happens, and if we agree timescales, we stick to them.

Facing repossession

If your mortgage lender or loan provider are demanding money you simply can’t afford to repay, they’re very likely to repossess your home. By selling to Easy Sale Liverpool, we can get the lenders off your back and pay out the remainder straight to you.

Inherited property

When you inherit a property you are almost always forced to make snap decisions about the property at such a sensitive time. Will you keep the property? Will you sell it? When will you clear the property? Do you need to arrange probate?

To avoid stress at a difficult time, we at Easy Sale Liverpool can buy the property quickly to give you time to come to terms with your loss. We have specialist solicitors to handle probate sales which speeds up the process enormously.

Divorce or Separation

We’ve handled thousands of cases involving divorce and separation. We’ll handle the case for you both and are happy to make contact and meet each of you individually, if necessary at separate locations.

When we buy your property, we work around your timescales and we can pay completion funds to each party separately, and at different times.

Relocation / emigration

can guarantee your sale in as little as 48 hours thanks to our years of expertise in Fast House sales giving you the launch pad you need to jump onto the next step of your life.

Even if you’re emigrating to another country, we can help to make the process easier by freeing up the much needed funds tied up in your house.

Tenanted property

We can help with tenanted properties by buying the property and taking over the tenancy agreement. Most house buyers won’t purchase a property where there is a tenant in situ, but we’re happy to take over as landlord and inherit any issues.

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