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Emigrating or moving a long way from home can be tough on families, with the additional problem of finding a new home in an unfamiliar area. Easy Sale Northwest can make emigration or moving long distance easier by offering a quick sale of your property to focus your attention on that next step in your life.

Yes you can. We understand circumstances can change at an alarming rate and you may need to sell the property you bought as an investment quickly. Easy Sale Northwest will give you a fast sale, exchanging contracts within 48 hours.

Even if the property has a tenant or if it is currently undergoing renovation work, we guarantee to purchase the property, no matter the situation, enabling you to raise the cash you need in rapid time.

No you don’t. Easy Sale Northwest can buy an inherited property so you no longer need to worry about paying the bills and maintenance costs. We complete these purchases very quickly, typically exchanging in 48 hours where necessary. If the property has not yet been handed over to you through probate, we can appoint a specialist solicitor to ensure this process is handled quickly.

In addition to our processes regarding the sale of the property, we can also ensure all items left in it are carefully packed and stored.

We receive numerous enquiries from homeowners in the process of separation and we have developed a faultless system to handle the matter for you.

We alleviate the pressure by processing your house sale as quickly as possible to free up the equity tied up in the property, to allow both parties to move on with their lives. We can meet each party separately and at different locations if requested.  While we are not official mediators, we will treat the situation with sensitivity.

Properties that are jointly owned can pose complications for some property buyers, but Easy Sale Northwest has processes in place to make the sale as easy as possible.

Every seller’s nightmare is to see their prospective sale fall through at the last moment and in this uncertain market it is becoming increasingly more common that sales collapse before completion.

Easy Sale Northwest can help to find you a new property in no time at all. We work hard to meet your deadlines, keep the process moving and prevent you from losing out in any way from the sale of your property.

Yes you can. We know dream homes aren’t very common, and waiting for your own property to sell to free up the cash to move into your dream home can seem like an eternity. On average, it can take six to nine months for a house to sell on the open market, so if your dream property is available now, Easy Sale Northwest can help.

No it doesn’t. It can be a very long process to evict a tenant through the courts, which will have a knock-on effect on you and cause further difficulties. Easy Sale Northwest can help by taking the property off your hands. We will handle the potential complications surrounding the troublesome tenant and you will be rid of the situation, with the cash for your home safely in your hands.

Yes you can. Easy Sale Northwest offers a guarantee to buy ANY property in ANY condition. That includes homes that have a tenant, farms or commercial properties, leasehold flats and properties which are in a poor condition.

Yes you can. Here at Easy Sale Northwest, the condition of the property doesn’t matter. We will still buy your property, even if the property needs minor or extensive renovation. We even go so far as to assure you that we will purchase your property if there are planning or structural issues.

Being unable to pay your mortgage could cause a lot of problems; the money you owe will accrue interest and ultimately mean you have more to pay off than you could afford in the first place. Additionally, if your mortgage lender/provider involves solicitors to try and recover the money you owe, you will also be required to pay their fees.

A fast sale to Easy Sale Northwest will raise instant cash and prevent your arrears accumulating into a potentially unmanageable sum that could lead to bankruptcy or repossession of your home. It’s a simple way to halt your property concerns and is a fast, stress-free way to get your finances back in order.

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